Manifesto overview.
Africa Renaissance Party or ARP is a movement born of the unprecedented swell of frustrations, hopelessness and understandable anger among all Nigerians toward the current system and rulers in the country. Like all Nigerians we believe that the country needed a total overhaul.
Unlike all the other parties we do not believe in reforms but political revolution because the former only tweaks old policies while the latter changes the mindset and jolts the consciousness of a nation.
Here you will find radically different and yet practical mission plans that give you insight into the party’s purpose.
What we are about.
To create an ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship by investing in a comprehensive National Action Plan that aggressively develops integrated transportation systems, incentives for investments in steady power generation and broadband communication technologies, funds education system that emphasizes self-employment, promotes rule of law, free press, security and respects property ownership. These, we believe, are the recipes for socioeconomic growth that creates real freedom.

We affirm that every Nigerian is endowed with the ability and creativity to better their lives if only responsible governance provides the opportunities. We are focused on Human Development because, only developed citizens can demand high standards from their leaders.
Integrated transportation system overhaul to include Roads and Rail networks that allow for future traffic growth. Hyacinth-free safe waterways are important for the movement of goods and services in our riverine areas. This will be a direct government investment that will pay for itself as the economy grows.
  • The world became more prosperous with new emerging economies because of the internet and accessible telephone technologies. We will retool our education system to produce more world class IT engineers that cannot only compete for jobs from all corners of the world but also innovate in this field. Economies have been built on this.
. Steady power generation. Privatization of the sector with reasonable regulations and removal of all importation barriers and tariffs on clean power generating technologies. Deployment of modular technologies especially to rural Nigeria that may not have strong incentives for the private investor.
EFCC will be reformed and granted complete independence and encouraged to partner with relevant NGO watchdogs both within and outside the nation. Corruption and official self-enrichment policies are enemies of a nation’s development. More important is a focus on individual empowerment and economic independence. Read more...
No free press, No democracy. No branch of the government has the power to ban books or shutter any media houses for any reason. The press serves the people just like a responsible government must. Our administration will have a press secretary that briefs press members every working day.
We affirm the constitutional proclamations that emphasizes equality of power among the three branches of government working independently and solely focussed on steadily moving the government forward.
Healthcare. NHIS has failed because we put the cart before the ox. Infrastructures, equipments and supporting healthcare services were neglected and yet we sell insurance to our citizens. Accessible, affordable and high quality healthcare is a must because of its causal effect on the overall economy. A healthy society is a productive one. Government officials can not go overseas to access healthcare on the tax payers’ money.
ARP identifies lack of will to enforce our constitution as the main reason for the nation’s state of lawlessness. The constitution will be reformed to align with the affirmation of the tenets that; ALL are equal before the law and ALL are entitled to justice.
Property rights will be respected and protected in the constitution. This is a proven essential to economic development.
ARP believes in free and fair elections and Nigerians should be free to elect those who rule them and not be restricted by some rotational arrangements.
Niger-Delta issues will for once be treated with all the seriousness it deserves. Through direct executive orders, infrastructural developments a la Abuja will be embarked on. Rebuilding this areas and providing opportunities for the locals will open up another economic and tourist region in the nation. Empower NOSDRA (National Oil Spill Detection and Reporting Agency) and start holding oil spillers accountable.
Our Agriculture sector needs overhaul. We will encourage Farmers Unions which creates a leverage for price negotiations on farming equipments, chemicals, animal feeds, loans and sales of produce and livestock. Agriculture outreach and information dissemination arms of our research institutions will be strengthened. Partnering with Farmers Unions and other private sectors interests to introduce drip irrigation and hydroponic technology.
Innovation. ARP will enact policies that make patent filings easy, take piracy of intellectual properties seriously and help institutions and individuals commercialize their inventions.
The National Youth Service Corps program has no doubt gone a long way to fulfill it’s social integration objective but we are yet to recognize it’s economic potentials. The nation graduates between 200,000-300,000 corps members every year. The other parties treat this as statistics but we see a great economic opportunity, we see a great crowd of educated, young and energetic potential entrepreneurs that just needed a fair shake.
The Directorate will work with the private sector in every locality to review business ideas and proposals from corps members in their areas to identify those that will qualify for a venture capital that will be funded by the Federal Government and the nation’s investment banks. The Government will opt out after few years by offering its stakes to the other two parties.
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